Doctoral Supervisors



Doctoral School of Humanities

Field of research: PHILOLOGY

Name of supervisor - Main Research Directions

BARLEA Petre Gheorghe - Linguistics

CIUGUREANU Adina Carmen - English and American Literature

CHESNOIU MATEI Monica Letitia - English and American Literature

DUGNEANU Paul - Romanian Literature

MITCHIEVICI Angelo - Romanian Literature

TOMESCU Emilia Domnita - Linguistics

VLAD Eduard - English and American Literature


Field of research: HISTORY

CIORBEA Valentin - Universal and Contemporary History of Romania

MOISUC Viorica - Romania’s modern History

ROMAN Petre - Ancient Romania’s History


Doctoral School of Theology

Field of research: ORTHODOX THEOLOGY


Name of supervisor - Main Research Directions

ANGHELESCU Gheorghe - History of philosophy and patristic

CORNITESCU Constantin - New Testament

CORNITESCU Emilian - Old Testament

DURA Nicolae - Canon Law

ISTODOR Gheorghe - Missiology and ecumenism

NECHITA Vasile - Missiology

NICULCEA Adrian - Orthodox dogmatic theology and compared

PETRESCU Teodosie, IPS - New Testament

RUNCAN Nechita - Church History and the Romanian Orthodox Church



Doctoral School of Applied Sciences

Field of research: BIOLOGY


Name of supervisor - Main Research Directions


COPREAN Dragomir - Animal Physiology

GOMOIU Marian-Traian - Ecology

ROSOIU Natalia - Biochemistry


Field of research: CIVIL ENGINEERING


CIORTAN Romeo - Foundations and port construction

BREABAN Virgil - Earthquake engineering. Coastal hydrodynamics

GRAMESCU Ana Maria - Civil buildings. Consolidations structures

POPAESCU Augustin - Reinforced and prestressed concrete


Field of research: MATHEMATICS


CRACIUN Eduard Marius - Applied mathematics and mechanics

POPA Constantin - Methods projection image reconstruction applications. Inverse problems for partial differential equations. Preconditioning iterative algorithms and techniques for full and partial differential equations

POPA Dumitru - Functional analysis. Operator Theory. Analytical theory of numbers



Doctoral School of Medicine

Field of research: MEDICINE

Name of supervisor - Main Research Directions

ASCHIE Ion - Surgery

ASCHIE Mariana - Pathological anatomy

BORDEI Petru - Anatomy

BORDEIANU Ion - Plastic Surgery

BOTNARCIUC Vladimir - Surgery

CARCIUMARU Nicolae - Neurology

CIRCO Eduard - Endocrinology

COMSA Gheorghe Ionel - Otorhinolaryngology

CRAIU Elvira - Cardiology

FRIEDMANN Carol - Psychiatry

ION Ileana - Physiology

IRIMIA Lazar - Obstetrics and gynecology

RUGINA Sorin - Infectious diseases and epidemiology

LUPESCU Vasile - Orthopedics

SARBU Vasile - Surgery

SUTA Maria - Internal medicine

TICA Constantin - Pediatric Surgery

TODE Viorel - Urology

ULMEANU Victoria - Internal medicine


Field of research: DENTISTRY

BADEA Victoria - Microbiology