Arch over time

     1990 has remained in our memory as the year when the Institute of Higher Education was transformed into a comprehensive university.  The university chose the name of the Roman poet Publius Ovidius Naso, who spent the last years of his life in the ancient Greek colony of Tomis.  Our patron has left a lasting legacy to the entire world, a heritage that teaches, through the ancient myths of Metamorphoses, about passion, the power of love, about creation, evolution and transformation.

     I had the privilege to be part of the team who initiated in 1990 the transformation of the technical institute into a full-fledged university.  Last year, following elections, I was entrusted to lead the university and complete the work I started long ago.

     One of my priorities as Rector is to enhance the international dimension of OvidiusUniversity of Constanța. We are a multidisciplinary and multicultural public university based in the South-East of Romania, but our reach and aspirations are global. We operate on an international stage and this must be reflected in all areas of University life: from our students and staff, to our collaborations and partnerships that tackle problems transcending national boundaries, and in the important scientific, cultural and societal contributions we make.

     We are already the largest university at the Black Sea in the European Union and an Eastern gateway to Europe.  Our ambition is to be recognized as the regional leader in higher education and scientific research, to establish ourselves as The European University at the Black Sea.

     Faithful to our patron and to our traditions, we strive to complete anarch over time.  We will continue the endeavors initiated more than 25 years ago and work with passion and dedication to transform our institution into a global intellectual hub.  We want our university to become not just an Eastern gateway to Europe but also a cultural lighthouse for the regional community.  We want to profit from our body of knowledge and our diverse ethnic, religious and cultural environment to spread the light of freedom, open thought and social justice in the Black Sea region and far beyond.


Professor Sorin Rugină, M.D., Ph.D.